Why Vitamin C is Good for Your Skin

You may be familiar with vitamin C as an immune boosting ingredient found in your citrus fruits, but vitamin C is also a nourishing skin solution. Described as revitalizing, effective and deeply nourishing, the use of vitamin C for your complexion is truly transformative. A combination of ingested vitamin C with a topical application can provide an incredible boost of nutrition for skin health and your immune system. By keeping your body balanced and your skin nourished, you can prevent common problems that detract from a gorgeously glowing skin.

How Vitamin C Works for Your Skin

A aged and deteriorated skin is accelerated by environmental and free radical damages. As collagen diminishes and your skin is exposed to oxidative stress, it can lead to an aged, tired and sullen appearance. Prevent these problems with the use of vitamin C in your skincare and enhancement routine.

The Origins of Vitamin C as a Beauty Care Regime

Since ancient times, women have been applying vitamin C to their skin with the purpose of retaining their youth and beauty for as long as possible. To place a halt o premature aging, women would combine vitamin C enriched fruits with mildly exfoliating ingredients to wash away impurities and provide the skin what it needs to heal.

A combination of rose oil and vitamin C can produce powerful results in the care and the maintenance of a beautified and protected skincare regime. Combining a healthy lifestyle with a diet high in vitamin C can help support optimum immune strength and keep your skin glowing.

In contemporary medicine, the benefits of vitamin C are profound. Scientists have shown that the nutrient can support collagen synthesis to keep your complexion soft, supple and youthful. With KYVTA, our Vitamin C Brightening Serum include can restore your beauty with even-toned results. We provide a pure form of vitamin C without added chemicals, fragrances and parabens that are not only unkind to your skin but also to the environment. Become part of the KYVTA lifestyle and experience our natural, supportive and powerful skin health ingredients.