The lavender plant originates from North America. Through a careful distillation process, the flower stalks are turned into an essential oil. Lavender is the most impressive natural oil for lasting health. From its beautifying properties to its immune boosting qualities, lavender oil is certainly a natural product that you can incorporate into your daily skin and healthcare regime.

The Reasons to Use Lavender

If you are tired of using cosmetic solutions that are full of chemicals, perfumes and synthetic ingredients, the lavender oil presented by KYVTA, can help you receive its transformative properties in its natural form. We support cruelty free practices in the production of alternative oils to keep your skin looking youthful, plump and beautiful.

Lavender has been shown to provide both medicinal and cosmetic applications. Incorporated in many types of beauty products, the predominantly purple herb is purifying and soothing. Lavender has shown most effective in addressing fungal infections, relieving the irritation of eczema and minimizing accelerated hair loss. The oil is added to shampoos leaving your tresses softer, smoother and naturally fragrant.

The antiseptic and the anti-inflammatory qualities of lavender have made it suitable for inflamed areas of skin on the face and the body.

Applying a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath water provides the entire body with its soothing properties. Combine with a balanced lifestyle and you could experience the incredible whole body and mind wellness that the natural herb can provide.

KYVTA Lavender & Peony Flowers Night Cream

Lavender is a skin enhancing, soothing and medicinal solution. It can be applied directly onto the skin with the natural product solutions you can trust. Rejuvenate and restore with the beautifying and skin enhancing Lavender and Peony flowers. Achieve your cosmetic dreams with non-toxic solutions that are kind to the environment. KYVTA, is all about vibrational cosmetics and how it can enhance the balance and connection between your mind, body and your complexion. Using the natural qualities of lavender can deliver the most powerful transformative results.