Over the last few years I have grown deeply fascinated with regenerative medicine and have become committed to pursuing what I consider one of the most amazing frontiers of human knowledge: stem cell physiology and the subtle forces that govern it.  My fascination has always been with origin of cellular action and interaction and stem cells are incredible examples of the power of these subtle forces. We have only touched the surface of a subject truly majestic and mysterious; key to the origin and maintenance of all life.  I have published several papers, collaborated with other researchers at various local and international institutions, reviewed papers for several journals, and am studying molecules that I believe play key roles in the mysterious self-initiation behaviors of stem cells. I believe astounding applications for healing and anti-aging therapies lie ahead.

I am also a cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast cancer in my mid-thirties, and went through traditional treatment with radiation, surgery and hormonal therapy. After having read several articles on complementary alternative medicine, I felt motivated to delve deeper into my yoga practice and its philosophy, reading the yoga sutras and practicing a “yogic lifestyle.”  I wanted to heal not only my body but also my mind, balancing the flood of emotions post treatment. During this time I completed Yoga Teacher training and published research articles on Yoga and Cancer prognosis, and on Yoga and its effects on reversing skin aging.  Alternating my reading of scientific research articles and ancient yogic texts, and experiencing the beneficial effects of this ancient practice first-hand made me fascinated with the benefits of a multidimensional approach to healing, combining alternative and complementary treatments with mainstream therapies. I could see the beneficial changes within myself.

As a scientist, we are challenged to constantly explore new avenues for improving current methods, enhancing results and getting as close to approximating the “truth” as possible. The months of my treatment were a time of introspection, revelation, and gratitude.  I was reminded of the important connection between mind, body, and soul.  As an anti-aging physician, I had seen this multi-dimensional connection in my patients, and now saw it in myself.

As the Conference Chair of Anti-Aging & Aesthetics for The International Society of Regenerative Medicine (ISRegen), I am grateful for the opportunity to bring this connection to a more mainstream audience. Once we look at the body as a multidimensional being and the aging process likewise as being multidimensional, it is clear that a multimodal and interdisciplinary approach to anti-aging is the best avenue to optimize outcomes. With ISRegen, the idea is to provide an educational platform for the integration of cutting-edge modern science in the field of stem cells and PRP as it relates to anti-aging & aesthetics, with complementary and alternative therapies based on ancient practices.

As one of the keys to breakthroughs in science is cross-pollination of knowledge, we are proud to create a conference that will integrate knowledge from a diverse community of healers from mainstream and complementary medicine as well as scientists in the regenerative medicine and cosmetic industry. It is a forum for communication and sharing of knowledge from each of our respective fields, with an eye to a future that is brighter, safer, and that combines treatments from ancient and modern practices for optimal results.

I believe we have only touched the surface of a subject truly majestic and mysterious; involving the origin and maintenance of all life.  Unimagined applications for healing and alleviating suffering lie ahead.  I would like to extend an invitation to physicians, alternative medicine practitioners and healers, and industry scientists to join in the conference series on Anti-Aging and Aesthetics. This conference will serve as a platform to share knowledge and experience that will help advance this exciting new field.

Vibrate higher by living a life of gratitude, and your natural beauty will shine through”

 -Kavita Beri MD.