Skin Maintenance Treatments

  • Vibrational Cosmetics: The Circle of Positivity from Source to Soul

Our spa is proud to offer maintenance skin treatments,  based on the circle of positivity. These treatments are a combination of masks and facial treatments for biweekly mainenance of the skin and rejuvenation, done by a Licensed Aesthetician. The ingredients used in the blends are based on Holistic  Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. We use Rose Quartz crystals during the facial massage.  Experience and indulge in the power of positive healing in a blend of eastern and western approaches with our signature BEMINDBODYSKIN Massage that is influenced by Marma  Energy Rejuvenation techniques and is a complementary feature of each facial.

Using the Power of Nature to Nourish the Skin

Turmeric Skin brightening Treatment $135 (60 Mins)A skin-brightening facial helps in increasing the radiance and natural glow of the skin, reducing sun damage and redness. It helps in restoring the vibrancy of the skin. The all-natural, vegan ingredients like turmeric,  have skin brightening and anti-inflammatory properties which bring the natural color to the skin.

Aloe-Rose Calming Treatment $135 (60 Mins) A calming facial soothes, decrease redness and inflammation, in the damaged inflamed skin. The ingredients used are all-natural and cruelty-free suited for sensitive skin. The combination of herbs like Indian madder, Aloe and Triphala are nourishing and soothing.

 Acne Free facial $135 (60 Mins) Our Acne free facial purifies the blood and enhances the quality of skin and complexion. It also helps in lightening the blemishes and arrest the further formation of pustules. The all-natural vegan ingredients anti-inflammatory and reduces acne formation.

Sandalwood Ageless rejuvenating facial $135 (60 Mins) Our Anti-aging facial has the purest herbs and the herbal ingredients are completely Vegan & Cruelty-free. Our herbal face pack cleanses, exfoliates, tones and hydrates the facial skin and bring out the beauty within. It helps in bringing back the natural skin texture and tone and reduces wrinkles.

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