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    JuVaShape Body Contouring

For Exceptional Face & Body Contouring, we use the JuvaShape Technology by Alma Lasers.

We offer the following services:

Neck and Jaw Tightening– This is a non-invasive procedure with no topical or downtime. Experience exceptional results in tightening of loose skin and double chin without injectables. We combine USG and RF technologies and offer this treatment that takes just 30 mins. We recommend 4 treatments 2 weeks apart for maximum results.

Facial Tightening – Immediate result on loose skin around the eyes, nasolabial folds and jaw lines. The treatment takes under 45mins with no topical anesthesia and minimal discomfort and downtime.

The JuVaShape Face and Body Treatment uses the latest cutting-edge non-invasive radio frequency technology and Ultrasound today to deliver concentrated thermal energy to renew, revitalize and refresh the body and face.

Cellulite – Making a beautiful impression has never been easier by utilizing a combination of RF energy and mechanical massage to treat cellulite.

Uneven Skin Texture – Uneven skin texture can be smoothed out and balanced using focused microplasma RF technology on all skin types.

Introducing the next generation procedure Juva Shape for 20 min body shaping, cellultie and stretch mark treatments