Slow the Aging Process with Rose Hip Oil

Rose hip oil is one of the soothing and natural ingredients that is incorporated in natural skincare and cosmetic products. Rose hip oil is a commonly used beauty enhancement and is incorporated in KYVTA all-natural products. It is the ultimate anti-aging solution that has far reaching benefits owing to its deep healing properties.

The Ancient Qualities of Rose Hip Oil

Extracted from the fruit or the seeds of the rose, it is rose hip oil that is the best kept secret to skincare and turning back the clock on aging. The rose hip oil was applied by the ancient Egyptians, even the Mayans for its skin soothing and boosting qualities. Filled with rich antioxidants and Omega fatty acids, the oil helps reduce dark spots and provides nourishment without irritation. Vitamins A and C provide the skin anti-aging nutrients. It is part of a beauty skincare regime because it is kind to skin and can be used on the most sensitive complexions.

Having earned the title as anti-aging, KYVTA, has created a blend of nourishing ingredients including rose hip oil. As part of our Vibrational Cosmetics, we believe that the introduction of influential, ancient ingredients with Eastern roots, play a powerful role in creating a connection between the mind, the body and the skin. Keep your skin feeling younger, looking brighter and rejuvenated with our holistic cleansing and hydrating oils.

Discover the Power of Nature with Our Nourishing 10 Rose Hip Oil Cleanser

For a non-chemical based and vegan friendly solution to your skincare regime, our Nourishing 10 Rose Hip Oil Cleanser as part of our cleansing range, can deliver the transformative results you desire. Keep skin feeling fresh and youthful again with a deeply nourishing cleanser that is non-toxic. Our Nourishing 10 Cleanser range is free from parabens, is free from silicon, and the additions that detract from living a natural lifestyle.