The peony is a beautiful summer flower available in various shades from snow white to pink. Apart from its beauty in our garden and adornment as a cut-flower, it also offers a multitude of incredible healthcare and beautifying benefits. Peonies are also long associated with romance and bringing Feng Shui into your life. Understanding the powerful benefits of peonies and the reasons to integrate this super flower into your wellness regime can make all the difference for your future and your current well-being.

According to ancient Eastern medicine, peonies have been shown to reduce inflammation. Individuals suffering from arthritis, muscle spasms and fevers were treated with herbal mixtures containing peonies many years back. Today, peonies are incorporated in modern medicine as natural support and for restoring balance.

The peony has a beautiful fragrance and is a wonderful addition too your skin cleansing, soothing and rebalancing regime.

The peony has been recognized as the representation of a beautiful woman. It is also incorporated in vibration cosmetics with the purpose of restoring the connection between the mind, body and soul.

Peony Power with KYVTA’s Lavender and Peonies Night Cream

KYVTA helps you create a calming and soothing vibration in your life. We ensure a beautifying skincare regime with naturally derived ingredients. Presented in our Lavender and Peonies Night Rejuvenation Cream, turn back the clock on aging the natural way.

We have remained true to the benefits of Eastern medicine owing to the multitude of benefits it offers the mind and the body. From its sensual fragrance to its anti-inflammatory properties, peonies remain an important part of skincare and living a life through higher vibration therapy.

Improve your internal frequencies and balance your Prana with super flower ingredients. Live a non-toxic lifestyle by trusting our chemical free, cruelty free products and beautify your life with our powerful natural solutions.