“Well-being” is an important element of one’s journey and essential for graceful aging. As the Next Generation Holistic Spa we focus on regeneration of your body from the inside out, with an emphasis to integrate mind-body and skin. We strive to achieve a complete approach by using modern lasers & cutting-edge science with advanced regenerative skin care while also incorporating the secrets of ancient practices like Ayurveda, meditation, pranayama, yoga, nutritional & vibrational science. We see beauty as an empowering aspect of a women’s journey, in which a positive self-image and loving herself is a complete priority.

You can’t look good if you don’t feel good. You need to feel good about yourself, your place in the world, and how you interact with the world. We call this the Circle of Positivity.  Everything is connected, and by choosing the BE Mind Body Skin process of graceful aging you will be connected in a positive way to the universe around you. In this way BE MIND BODY SKIN spas focus on inside as well as outer beauty. A unique regenerative process that stimulates your body’s inherent healing and antiaging mechanisms.  With our signature method of analyzing your constitution based on ancient Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine we are able to approach the body’s aging in a very personalized manner. We believe that beauty is not merely the surface of your body, but is the outcome of a healing process that starts with your soul and your deep connection with the world around you.

Our Spa is proud to be offering the first of its kind “Vibrational Cosmetics” treatments that enhance rejuvenation and regeneration in the body by integration of eastern and western science. Face & Body treatments are coordinated with healing sound vibration by highly specialized and trained staff in Energy medicine,  Ayurveda and Modern Aesthetic treatments.