Let’s admit to ourselves that we are aging and do it beautifully.
25, 37, 45, 50, 68 what number would you want to be? What is the number that you perceive as good? What number will make you happy?
It’s been a while since I felt “shy” about my age. At some point, I got influenced by an older acquaintance who would always hide her age from the new people she met. I was much younger for this practice to resonate with me. A couple of years passed by and subconsciously that practice started slowly slipping into my life. Until I stopped. Until I realized that unless I accept the way I look, the way I feel, I can’t expect anyone around me to accept it. And so it went. I would be in a rush to reveal my age to the next person I’ve met. I watched their reaction, I paid attention to mine. After practicing it for a while I’ve noticed a change in myself. I noticed that my age became a non-event for me or anyone else. I noticed that I’m not “scared” to add another digit to the ones I already have.
My age has become an asset to me instead of being a liability. Once I dug deeper I started to understand the reasons for such a change. I realize how much I have changed since my 20s and there is no way I would want to be 20 again. I’ve learned so much since then, I’m wiser, I notice my feelings and emotions and I’ve learned to start managing them. I now pay attention to the surroundings and notice what energy feels good and what should be removed from my life. This is something a 20-year-old me have never heard of or and certainly never practiced.
I notice more wrinkles now, there is no way around it. I’ve also learned to love them and take a better care of my skin which not only includes skin care but also my diet and sleep patterns. While I have a lot of bottles and jars with creams and serums, which we absolutely need, I find beauty in aging. I find older women beautiful. And here is the secret, most of that beauty shines from the insight, its confidence. Women like this are captivating and believe me they all have wrinkles!
I also started to feel “responsibility” to be there when a younger woman asks questions in search of answers. The same questions I was dealing with and needed someone’s guidance. The questions, answers to which over time become obvious and simple. This is something that comes with time and with awareness of ourselves.
I also accepted myself the way I am. I understand that we all are beautiful in our own way, and we all are different, there is no one standard of beauty. That gave me confidence and additional reasons to remove worries about other people’s opinions.
So there we are, aging. Such is a story of life. From the first breath, we take we start to age. There is no way around it, at least for now. Should we live in denial and avoid this factor should we embrace it, take care of ourselves and our skin and shine our light for everyone to see?
Article prepared by Katerina