While you may not consider black gritty coal to provide any benefits for your skin, charcoal is an incredible solution for detoxification. The versatile ingredient can be consumed, used as a detoxification mask or exfoliator to reveal a clean, bright and beautiful complexion. When used correctly, do not underestimate the multitude of health and cosmetic advantages you can receive with activated charcoal.

Food grade charcoal has made its presence known as part of the balanced and healthy diet solution. Although it is incorporated as a consumable for detoxification, it is also a powerful purifying solution for your skin and hair. Read on to discover just what activated charcoal can do to beautify your appearance.

Incorporate Natural Purification into Your Skincare Regime

We recommend using activated charcoal as part of your skin  care routines. Forget about restricting your diet or going to extremes to detox your system. Charcoal is a natural solution for detoxing and with quality solutions you can remove impurities from your skin without exposure to harsh chemicals.

The power of charcoal can unclog pores and brighten skin, but it is also used in the management of acne, skin irritations and supports healthy haircare.

Charcoal is so effective at removing toxins because it penetrates deeply to open the skin’s pores. Whether the skin on your face or your scalp, charcoal is a powerful detoxification solution.


KYVTA Encourages Natural, Whole-Body Wellness through Purification

The KYVTA philosophy is about self-care and beautification with natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients. As your trusted wellness provider, we provide the KYVTA charcoal mask to enhance your complexion through purification. Our charcoal masks are reliably sourced as we believe in beauty without cruelty, silicon free, paraben free and even gluten free solutions. Our naturally based range is also vegan friendly. For purification and detoxification at its finest, our charcoal detox mask is the future.