We have grown up hearing the phrase ‘as cool as a cucumber’.

This popular phrase means calm and unruffled!!

Cucumber is a popular vegetable, known for its numerous health benefits.

This article explores the popular health benefits of cucumber along with the Ayurveda facts and healthy recipes on Cucumber.

It is important to know the nutritional facts and benefits of those vegetables or fruits that you put in your plate. First let’s check the nutritional facts of Cucumber.

  • Good source of phytonutrients such as flavonoids, lignans and triterpines. These phytonutrients anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits on the body.
  • Most nutrient dense parts are the peel and seeds which is rich in fiber and beta carotene.
  • Naturally low in calories, carbohydrates, sodium, fat and cholesterol
  • Cucumbers contain a lot of potassium, magnesium and fiber. These work effectively to reduce blood pressure.

Is Cucumber a fruit or a Vegetable?

Scientifically speaking, a fruit is the part of a plant that develops from the flower and contains the seeds of the plant. By this definition, cucumber is a fruit. Still the culinary experts all over the world considers cucumber as a vegetable due to its reduced sweetness and use in a variety of savory dishes. 

Ayurveda on Cucumber

In Sanskrit, Cucumber is called as ‘Trapusha’. It has been widely used in diseases like headaches, Insomnia, excessive thirst etc. in Ayurveda.

Medicinal Properties as per Ayurveda –

  • Taste – Sweet and undergoes sweet taste after digestion. (Rasa & Vipaka)
  • Qualities – Light & Dry
  • Cold in potency
  • Reduces Vitiated Pitta or is Pitta pacifying in nature
  • Fruit of the plant is consumed to relieve thirst
  • Useful for preventing and curing burning sensation over the body
  • Cucumber juice is ideal remedy for burning micturition. ( 25 mL of juice in the morning and evening)
  • May cause constipation
  • It is a coolant and diuretic
  • Ideal fruit for early winter period

Cucumber is a widely used home remedy for many skin ailments. It is used in black circles and tired eyes. It can also be used as a natural cleanser.

Beauty hacks with Cucumber.

How to use cucumber for dark circles?

Take two cucumber slices and place over the eyes. Leave them there for 15-20 minutes. Regular use can reduce dark circles and tiredness for a flawless look.

How to use cucumber for skin toning?

Completely mash a cucumber, add in the juice of a lemon and 1 tsp honey. Apply over the face and leave on for 20 minutes. This mask acts as a skin toning mask.

Can you use cucumber as a remedy for Acne?

Yes! For acne, mix equal quantities of cucumber pulp with Yoghurt and oatmeal powder. Add a tablespoon of honey (optional) and apply on the skin. Wash with cold water after 30-40 minutes. Use this mix regularly.

Healthy Cucumber Recipes

  1. Cucumber Raita


1 cup chopped cucumber

1 cup yogurt

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

pinch of black pepper powder

a few chopped Mint leaves

a few chopped Coriander leaves

salt, to taste

Directions –

Lightly dry roast the cumin seeds on a low flame. Cool itand then grind to a powder. Wash and peel the cucumber and chop into small bites. Add them to a bowl along with yogurt, salt and cumin powder. Add choppedcoriander and mint leaves. Mix all the ingredients well. Garnish with black pepper powder.

  • Cucumber Celery Juice

Ingredients –

2 cucumbers

10 stalks of celery

1 green apple, halved

1 lemon, peeled


Process all ingredients through a juicer. Pour and serve immediately. This recipe is ideal for weight loss.

Article Prepared by –  Arya Krishna

Photo by Natalie Rhea Riggs on Unsplash