Homeostasis, the balance of living tissue cells in relation to their surrounding environment, governs how they function as a whole, and eventually governs the overall health of the organ and organism. Each cell of our body is influenced and communicates with surrounding cells by a complex intercellular chemical and energy exchange. An internal clock within each cell is in tune with the main body clock, light and darkness cues from the external environment (circadian rhythms) influence the division and multiplication of the cell including the stem cell.  Thus, a grid of communication right from a single cell in our body to this enormous universe we perceive is plausible. The mechanism of communication can vary from intercellular exchanges of chemicals, ions, transmitters, energy molecules as well as oxygen exchange.  Knowing that everything is connected from the cellular to the organ and organismal level and beyond, intercellular exchange of information transmits and amplifies signals that in turn communicate with our external universe.

In a similar way, our thoughts interact, harmonize or conflict, with what we perceive to be our reality in the universe we see.  Through an understanding of the neural pathways in the brain we know that images that we perceive are received, reflected, and processed within the physical brain, but the “mind” can powerfully influence our response to what we see, whether in a state of chaos or in a discerning rational state. A concept that is plausible is that our thoughts act as a channel of communication to the outside world.

The mind thus plays the role of a production house in the very physiologic and mapped out process in which information enters, and how we respond.  Hypothetically, if one can accept that patterns that govern our universe outside are influenced by the processes of our mind then we realize that this abstract substance we call the mind, gifted to us at birth, holds the key to modify our external reality. We come to the revelation that perhaps, like the body, we can take responsibility for a healthy mind, making it as important as a healthy heart, glowing skin and strong joints. As a seeker, (yogi) one searches for meaning, tools to restrain the mind by various techniques. Meditation, (Dhyana) is one of the eightfold paths of yoga outlined in the ancient text of the Yoga Sutras, that a seeker (yogi) can take to realize more depth in his purpose in relation to the universe.

Meditation, which I like to call your “eyes-open-to-the-inside universe”, holds the ability to program the mind in ways necessary to govern a healthy processing of information received.  In an unsettled and chaotic state of mind, most of us risk thought patterns of fears, insecurities and past experiences. These patterns create preconceived impressions that add to the noise of our thinking mind and which in turn can affect our responses to our external universe in a way that leads to chaos. Once we close our eyes, and listen to our thoughts slowly contemplating on what is in the current moment already within, without taking in any more sensory overload, we give our brain and the abstract thinking “mind” a chance to harmonize to stillness and quietness.

As we spend time to ourselves with our eyes closed to external stimuli, still observing but our minds focused only on what is within, we start noticing a calmness from which our thoughts arise. Those fifteen minutes of harmony in the day can give us the focus and gravity a thinking distracted mind desires. The discerning mind empowers itself with quietness and is then equipped to overtake the processing of a larger portion of our day. Perhaps we then create serendipity by just having a clarity of thought, a calmer response and more controlled desires with which we communicate with the external universe. If one argues that things have been preordained and sequences planned without us having much control, the power of free will is what the discerning mind holds, the power to change our journey’s course.  The sequences that we ourselves have lined up based on how our minds will reflect, give us the freedom to change them.  Once we truly realize the potential to use our discerning mind to create complete harmony and serendipity in our universe, the fifteen minutes of quiet contemplation and reflection will be the sacred ground and the light house our journey is seeking.

If one believes that we hold the key to unlock the power to control our universe, the impossible becomes daringly perceivable.  It becomes an ability we can someday possess, in the most powerful moment of our journey – the present moment.

-Kavita Beri MD.