Fresh Coconut milk

prep time 15 min


1 whole dry Coconut

Cloth for extraction

4 Cups Water


Carefully crack open coconut with a hammer catching any water from within in a cup. Using a dull or butter knife, remove the fleshy meat from the shell by wedging it at the base of the meat to pry out.

Once all coconut flesh is separate from the shell cut into quarter size pieces and add to your blender along with the water. Blend until finely pulverized.

Take cloth and place over a bowl and pore contents of blender into cloth to extract. Gathering the corners of the cloth to from a pouch in the center then squeeze to extract as much liquid as possible.

Note: Separation will occur within minutes and you will see the thick Cream forming at the top of bowl. You may simply mix before use or if a thicker, richer milk is desired, scoop cream from the top with a spoon. Also, you may increase or decrease the amount of water used to make a lighter or or concentrate milk.

Tip: use lukewarm water to increase potency of milk extraction. Do not use cold water to make milk.


1 Whole Dry Coconut

Cloth (flour sacks work best)

Will need a blender as well.



Ayurvedic Chef

Bale Shabaka Kaza Amlak