Spring has almost reached our door steps. The earth will be soon losing her snow-white robes and frost, and ready to welcome the warm sunlight. And we call spring the ‘sweet spring’, mostly because we are tired of the winter blues and eagerly waiting the pleasant king of seasons.

When our mind is almost ready to accept the change of season, is our body ready yet?

The shift from winter to spring can drum up changes in our bodies, our energy, and our dietary needs.

According to Ayurveda Spring is a time when the Kapha dosha in the body tends to get aggravated and thereby result in the imbalance of equilibrium of doshas in the body.

Our body will be trying to shed the weight gathered in the winter and a feeling of dullness and stagnancy will be present due to this. Along with spring comes the seasonal allergies like sinus infections, cold, headaches.

But it’s possible to welcome spring in a much beautiful way with Ayurveda and make your spring dairies memorable.

Here are some important tips for a smooth spring transition!!

  1. Wake up at an early hour in the morning and begin your day with a Cup of water boiled with cumin seeds. This helps in increasing the digestive fire and acts as an internal cleanse.
  2. Eat light food. Avoid Kapha aggravating foods like dairy products, iced or cold food or drinks, and fried or oily food—especially in the morning and at dinner.Lunches and dinners of light, cooked grains, steamed vegetables, and legumes are often perfect choices. Eat lots of bitter greens, cabbage family vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.), and spicy foods like green chilies. Rice milk and almond milk are good substitutes for dairy products. Give 3-4 hours gap between each meal.
  3. Exercise – Practice Sun Salutations and back bends at least 2 days a week.
  4. Bring colors around you – keep fresh flowers in room, dispense essential oils like eucalyptus and juniper, wear fresh colored clothes and try to stay simple but vibrant.
  5. Take 1 tsp Triphala powder with 2 tbsp. hot water at bedtime. This ensures a clear bowel every morning and acts as an ideal spring cleanse.
  6. Avoid day sleep, since it increases Kapha.
  7. Include herbal teas prepared with ginger roots, dandelion, cinnamon, cloves etc. which boost up the immunity and helps in pacifying Kapha.
  8. Dry powder massage can be done with besan flour or herbal powder which mitigates the excessive Kapha in the body and leaves the skin shiny and lustrous. You can also massage your skin with warm, organic sesame oil and then rinse off in a hot shower.
  9. External application of camphor, sandal wood, aquilaria agallocha etc. are mentioned in classical text books. If not possible add 2 drops of your favorite essential oil in water and use for bath.
  10. Add 1 tsp honey to hot water and sip throughout the day if you need a weight loss after winter.

Spring is also the ideal period to go for a fruit/vegetable fast. It’s the ideal period to have a detox or cleanse of body and mind.

An appropriate spring routine can help us to overcome spring’s challenges and provide immunity and internal wellbeing. Adopt this seasonal routine and cleanse and rejuvenate yourself. Happy Spring !!