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“Vibrational Cosmetics”

We are entering an era in which a multidimensional approach to understanding the various factors that age the body and skin is important in formulating optimal treatment based on the individual. Vibrational cosmetics offers an integrative and mind-body skin approach to understanding aging in the individual as well as a personalized approach to graceful aging.  It involves understanding the energetic body, the physiologic body as well as the anatomic body.

A training course for Physicians, MD/DO, Resident Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants and Aestheticians looking to educate themselves on an Integrative MIND BODY SKIN Rejunvenation approaches.


Theory on Vibrational Cosmetics

Introduction to integrative cosmetics

5 Elements and the Alchemy of Cosmetic Medicine

Energetic Body and Healing Appraoches

MIND BODY SKIN connection and “Body Type Analysis”.

Comprehensive Plan based on Body Types with Lifestyle recommendations

Integrative Cosmetics Business training and insight.

Hands-on training with Energy based devices, Lasers and Light-based skin treatments, Aesthetic medical devices with an integrative approach.

Contact us at +1(732)455-8118; Info@beriesthetique.com for Pricing and Schedule.

All training is done at our main facility BE MIND BODY SKIN in Ocean NJ USA. Dates and times are predetermined, and we have training days on a Quarterly basis, and please book in advance to ensure availability.