Kavita Beri MD Medical Director

Dr. Kavita Beri is a Board-Certified Physician and Scientist in the field of Regenerative Medicine. She is an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Scientist at the Center for Dermal Research at Rutgers University New Jersey.  Dr. Beri is also the Founder of BE MIND BODY SKIN an Integrative Aesthetics and wellness spa  with a Mind Body & Skin Approach to Anti-Aging in Ocean New Jersey. More on Dr Beris published articles please visit www.kavitaberimd.com.


She has published several scientific articles and presented both nationally and internationally on her research. She is also a reviewer for several journals in regenerative medicine. Dr. Beri serves on the Editorial Board  for the Future Science Journal, and the H&PC Today Magazine.  Her passion is in mind body and skin regeneration and its connection. She is also a certified yoga teacher RYT, training new yoga instructors on Philosophy of Yoga and the Mind Body and Soul connection. Her background in Tantra Yoga tradtion and various other Yogic backgrounds that takes influence from esoteric Egyptian and Vedic Doctrines, are the basis for her work in the Ether room of the spa, as well as the Educational Collaborations of the BE School Of Light with Healthcare Organizations and Corporate Organizations. Please contact info@kavitaberimd.com for more info on collaborations.

She has a deep interest in applications of and new research in the field of “Vibrational Medicine” and how it can be connected to Anti-Aging Aesthetics.

She  has presented her research at international regenerative medicine conferences. She is a frequent contributor to biomedical literature, with particular research interests in tissue engineering with stem cells combined with lasers, including cancer stem cells, and medicinal properties of plant stem cells in wound healing and skin regeneration. She also consults for the beauty industry on innovations in cosmetics, regenerative cosmetics, the skin microbiome and related research as well as vibrational medicine and the modern applications of ayurveda.


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