Balé Shabaka Kaza-Amlak (Ayurvedic Chef)

Balé Shabaka Kaza-Amlak  has joined our family of BE MInd Body Skin as a guest blogger and educator for Ayurvedic diet, recipes and lifestyle. Besides writing blogs for recipes and creating videos he also takes inhouse cooking classes and ayurvedic diet coaching.

Balé grew up on the on the island of St.Croix, USVI comes from Rastafarian family originally from Trinidad and Tobago. His family relocated to the Virgin Islands during his youth. Rastafarians believe in the teachings of Emporor Haile Sellasie of Ethiopia. It is also typically in the lifestyle of this culture to have a dominant or even exclusive vegan, vegetarian, plant based diet and natural way of living in harmony with nature. Very similar to that of a Yogi lifestyle. Thus, Balé learned how to cook in a very natural and organic way; by harvesting fresh ingredients from his family farm and creating whatever he could imagine from the fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Between the ages of 16 and 20, Balé worked and studied at then Virgin Islands Sutainable Farm Institute where he learned Permaculture and sustainable living principals while also gaining experience in farming and building trades as an apprentice. In his final year at VISFI (now Ridge to Reef Rarm) bale discovered Ayurveda and immediately found that it resonated with his being as he fell in love with this ancient practice. He then began to learn and incorporate Ayurveda into his life and cooking.

From 2009 to 2015 Balé operated a well know wellness center on St.Croix. This center, Renuatum, included a Spa, yoga studio, Café, and Skincare line.

In 2015, he closed this main wellness center in favor of hosting yoga retreats in various destination locations. During the year 2016, prior to moving to NYC for the first time, Balé worked as a Chef/Concierge/Organizer for yoga retreat groups, a service he continues to offer to this day.

As a Certified Ayurvedic Chef, Balé teaches workshops and private cooking class to help people improve their diets and find balance in a practice he refers to as the yoga of food.

Other studies:
*Certificate of Permaculture Systems Design
*Extensive meditation study and practice with teacher Chinello Haney of the Divine souls. Lineage of Swami Sri Kaleshwar.
*Studied Vastu with Michael Mastro founder of The American Institute of Vastu.
*100 hour Universal Yoga teachers training with master teacher Andry Lappa, Founder of Universal Yoga, July 2016.
Learn more @Bale_shabaka on insta and @TheAyurvedicChef on facebook.